Hello July!!

Welcome July! First half of the year has passed.
It actually passed pretty fast for me! How about you?

Another morning with berries godness! 🙂
Looks yummy right? haha!
Strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, blackberries and all the other berries are a pack load of vitamin C. With so many different berries I can possibly never get bored of eating them.

Been busy with the bag supplier these few days! So many problem and gives me headache 😦 But luckily it’s settled now. Phew~

I’ve good news to share! We’ve got a new improved batch of Zara-inspired shopper bag! It’s arriving on the 13th July! Am so excited!! 😀
So glad that i have a really nice friend who helped me made the last arrangement with the new supplier because i can’t go over! Feel so blessed 🙂

Okay ending my post with some pictures from Instagram!
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Good morning!!! TGIF & have a great friday ahead! 🙂
Woke up at 9am and made myself a bowl of berries breakfast! Yummy~
Yesterday went Ikea shopping for storage racks, found a few nice ones. Gonna take measurement of the space and see if it can fits well.
Just wanna share with you guys that i download ibooks app and i’m reading it every night 🙂
Current book: The Hunger Games
Am at chapter 6 now.
Night activities before bed are ibooks, instagram and twitter. haha!

Pictures from instagram!
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Having Stash Earlgrey Black Tea while doing some work.


Hello people!! Happy Midweek 😀
Another 2 more working days to weekendssssssss.
BO for accessories arrived + many pretty new designs! Total 300plus pieces!

Random snaps on instagram!
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Off to Singpost for mailing and back to emails.
Till the next, have a wonderful last week of June! 🙂

ps: drink lotsa water cos the weather’s been insane!! 😦